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Saving Our Planet uses NPSP SalesForce to keep track of Membership, Donations, Contacts and Leads. We will be expanding into Campaigns, and will want to develop simple Work-Flow routines to automatically send renewal membership reminders, upgrade Leads to Contacts, etc.

Saving Our Planet is an international organisation, and Board members and volunteers work from their homes or offices.

If you share our values and goals, have the SalesForce skills to help us move forward, and have some time to donate, we’d like to hear from you.

Send us an email at and tell us something about yourself, you experience with SalesForce, and the amount of time you could dedicate to our activities, and we’ll quickly get back to you.

Thanks for your interest.
Bob Wornan

We are in need of highly motivated volunteers for our campaign N0CO2, aiming at reducing and removing CO2.

N0CO2 is a new campaign from Saving Our Planet which gives people the power to take action to fight climate change, and to reduce and remove CO2.

See for details. We are looking for people to help with all aspects of the project. Would you like to help?  Please email us at with an outline of your skills and available time and your phone number and we will call you to discuss. Thank you.

Saving Our Planet´s websites are both administered by one person, and we are in a serious need of a backup for him.

We are looking for a person with experience in webdesign, WordPress  and optimisation  of WordPress sites.

“Saving Our Planet” is made with the “X-theme” by ThemeCo, using the “Cornerstone” pagebuilder.

“The Climate Cinema” is made with the “VideoPro” theme.

Knowledge about / experience with these WordPress themes and pagebuilder is a must, and a learning program can be provided.

Learning X-Theme, Cornerstone and VideoPro in addition to  all used plug-ins will be a useful opportunity to increase your knowledge.

if you can help us with this:
Please send us an email with an introduction to your background and motivation, in addition to an estimate of how much time you could dedicate to Saving Our Planet.

Thank you!

Hans Joergen Rasmussen