introducing a new pedagogic resource

Welcome to Teachers´Area

What we are aiming for?

We are in the process of developing a collection of teaching material for all interested teachers to use. For free.

Our aim is to inspire teachers to include Climate Change in their everyday work – and provide pedagogic tools  in order to help teachers who already feel they have too little time to do what the school is demanding of them.

What we can offer right now?

Are you looking for suitable classroom resources to address the current issues of climate change?

Below, you can download a sample set of worksheets for English as a foreign language.

You will also find worksheets to go with the illustrated book “Let´s Save Our Planet” and the Climate Change course by Open2Study

Use the documents below

The documents  below constitute a first step in this direction. Download and find out what they are about.

One is a tool for working with the illustrated book “Let´s Save Our Planet” by Julie Wornan and Philippe Honnoré.

We made this in 2 versions: English and French, since the book is available in these languages.

One is about learning to think and write critically by writing to an editor.  And finally,  one contains supplementary material to an online Climate Change course by our partners at Open2Study. You will find Open2Study at the Climate School Online” – page.

contact us

For more teaching material or information on how to adapt these materials to your students´ level, please contact our Teachers Team.

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teaching material for download:

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