Our mission is to inspire, energize and enable the entire community of humans to work together to save the planet, and to convince world leaders to make the fight against climate change their number one priority.

Food and water crises… Ice melting, sea levels rising… More severe and frequent droughts, floods and wildfires… Famines, scarcity-induced conflicts, more and more refugees… Extinction of species… These effects of Climate Change are already with us. Climate Change may become irreversible if we do not act fast and on a massive scale.

The situation is urgent. Unfortunately, the urgency and the need for speed are often underplayed by our leaders and the media. 

We must, individually and collectively, stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, without further delay.

“Saving Our Planet” responds to this challenge by educating, guiding and inspiring Climate Action. We aim to promote scientifically founded knowledge about the problems, explore manageable solutions and increase eco-literacy of consumers and citizens, so that people will be equipped to demand that politicians and business interests make the right decisions and follow up with effective action.

We will pursue our goals by means of an educational website, climate schools (both classroom and online) and publications.

The website, http://savingourplanet.net/, is an abundant source of knowledge. It aims to appeal to a wide audience through its use of attractive photos and inspiring videos. It should be useful to many types of visitors, from the novice to the committed activist seeking the latest information, and it tries to speak to “both heads and hearts”.

We have gathered a wide-ranging selection of films of all sorts – documentaries and lectures, cartoons, long and short, factual, pragmatic and humorous – because images and movies can inspire more than words. All of the films are relevant to Climate Change.

We also have provided a dedicated sister website called “The Climate Cinema” to host these inspirational tools for learning: http://theclimatecinema.org.  This site can be accessed directly or via http://savingourplanet.net. Most of the videos are freely accessible for viewing directly from the website.

Climate Schools are already taking root, but the online version is still only a project. An important goal is to train further teachers to teach others.

We plan to promote worthwhile publications on Climate Change and related subjects, such as the illustrated book for young people, “Let’s Save Our Planet.”

By all the means at our disposal, we want to share our knowledge, commitment and hope.