There is a range of positions exposed on this website and in The Climate Cinema.

Some are as close to the “truth” as can be arrived at by a non-scientist like myself, e.g., since 97% of climate scientists contributing to peer-reviewed scientific journals conclude that Climate Change is being driven by the release of excessive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, notably from fossil fuels. These emit CO2 when burnt, so this type of offering meets the designation of “truth”.

However, there are other offerings whose veracity is contested by many environmentalists, e.g., the continued use of nuclear energy: Some claim that we need nuclear power – at least as an intermediate solution – to help us get out of fossil fuel dependence fast enough to avoid runaway climate change. Opponents insist that renewable energies can do it for us alone, without the aid of nuclear energy.

Therefore, some of the offerings on this site are as close to the “truth” as one can come whereas others are hotly debated. These other issues are placed here for your viewing and reviewing and deciding what is the better position; they need to be seen because of their importance, not because one position or the opposite is endorsed by this website.