“Let´s Save Our Planet”

A book by Julie Wornan and Philippe Honnorré

The author of the book is a member of the “saving our planet” team.


Text by Julie Wornan
Illustration by Philippe Honnoré

Climate change and resource depletion are already starting to change our lives. Today’s children will be the principal victims of these profound changes. If they are to cope with these problems, they must understand them. This book, in the form of an illustrated story or “comic book,” can help provide the first steps.

Hugo and Elodie meet Maddy, the spirit of a species of butterfly now extinct because humans destroyed its habitat. The magical butterfly invites the children onto its wings for a ride all over the world. They observe the results of climate change: heat waves and droughts, storms and floods, melting glaciers and the rising sea. They learn about the effects of hothouse gases, fossil fuels, the promise of energy without carbon emissions, and actions that can reduce our ecological footprint.

Flying over the USA, they meet young climate activists – real ones!- who march, sing, write letters and blogs, give presentations, make videos, lobby lawmakers and even take their case for the protection of the environment to court! Let’s Save our Planet portrays some of these amazing children and lets them speak with their own words.

Back home, Elodie and Hugo do their own research, then call their friends to join them in a universal march under the slogan, “Let’s Save Our Planet.”


“The times we are living in now are not like any others.

Humanity has always been subject to catastrophes, both natural and manmade. We’ve been through volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, epidemics and wars. But up to now, the danger has always been limited in space and time.

This time, our whole planet is facing the threat of a momentous change.

You, children and youth, will need all your imagination, courage and solidarity if you are to build a future in which your generation and subsequent ones will enjoy peace and well-being. That future will be different from the present. We must hope it will be better.

Now it’s up to you.”

Julie Wornan


Kiribati President Anote Tong with a copy of the book at COP21 December 2015


James Hansen SAYS:

Wonderful!  Combines loves of life on our planet with common sense and knowledge — all understandable and interesting to a child.  I will give it to my grandchildren.
– Dr. James Hansen, Director, Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions Program, Columbia University; Former Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies;
Author of “Storms of my Grandchildren”


I believe that if we want to reverse global warming before it’s too late, it will take a revolution. A revolution to change the mindset of every person on this planet, so that we value nature and the future of our generation more than profits and power.
– Alec Loorz, young founder of the iMatter mouvement


It is remarkable that a butterfly, a symbol of lightness and fragility, warns the children of the dangers facing the planet. May his voice be heard, and may humanity make its presence on the Earth lighter in their numbers as well as their consumption. – Didier Barthes, spokesman of Démographie Responsable

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