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Saving planet Earth as a viable environment for human civilization is a task that calls all of us to action.

We need your help in this, and therefore we ask you to join our efforts – become an active part in Saving our planet.


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What we do

We promote scientifically based knowledge about Climate Change: the problem, the threat and the potential solutions.

We want all to be equipped to demand that politicians and business interests make the right decisions and follow up with effective action.

We also want to share our knowledge, commitment and hope.

We ask for Individual Action: We ask all to take responsibility and reduce your Carbon Emissions now: Stop What You Can

We ask for Collective Action: We need to work together to build the support needed to build a community that together can make a difference.

We ask for Political Action : We need to work together to force elected leaders to make the battle against Climate Change their top priority.

Training Courses

We provide training courses about Climate Change at the Climate School.

Climate Cinema

We host great documentaries, lectures and cartoons in our Climate Videos section, as well at our sister website The Climate Cinema, where you can find a lot of great and freely available videos.

Climate Cinema
Climate Cinema

Challenges, Solutions & What You Can Do


Find out about the serious threats we are facing!

Learn about the actual challenges

Media and politicians are "underplaying" the gravity of the threats we are facing, because they are afraid to say things in a straight forward manner.

Learn why it is important to join the fight against climate change, and why we are in a hurry!

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Learn about suggested solutions and people behind them.

We can make the solutions reality!

Solutions do exist, and they are well documented. But for them to be implemented, we all have to get involved - intellectually, emotionally and politically.

Learn about the many exciting initiatives going on in the world to contribute to the solutions.

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Find out what YOU can do and why YOU are important!

Why your efforts are important

The world needs a fast global mobilization to save our planet.

Many people give up - they feel powerless. But: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Find out why you matter and how you can contribute!

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State of the Planet

We have all over-used the planet. The result is too much CO2 in the atmosphere. This is leading to Global Warming. So the climate needs fixing.

The need to limit Global Warming to 2°C was agreed by World leaders in December 2015. But the action is too slow. We must act now.

The effects of Climate Change are already with us and getting worse – CO2 is now over 400ppm and needs to be less than 350 ppm in order to achieve between 1.5 and 2°C.

We simply cannot continue to keep doing what we are doing now. Climate Change may become irreversible if we do not act fast and on a massive scale.

The situation is urgent. We must stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

“2°C is almost certainly too high to be safe and too low to be possible”David Roberts
“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it”Barack Obama

Understanding Climate Change

“We are stuck between the impossible and the unthinkable – so for the rest of your life, your job is to make the impossible possible”
David Roberts

The Big Picture in two short videos

The first one showing the urgency and the need for immediate action in a very direct and compelling way- and the dire consequences of inaction! The second one showing clearly what we must do, and that solutions are both possible and affordable.

Welcome to our “News and Blog” section:

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Education and Information are fundamental to our role as facilitators of climate understanding and we believe access to a wide range of selected documents and other media will be an essential aid.

This understanding is of course directly related to the underlying science, whereas climate actions require an understanding of many more subjects, including economic and political issues, land and water use, wise choices in adopting technology, research and development, international cooperation, and many other things.

To quote from a major on-line academic library, “the combination of public, scientific, and governmental interest with the mounting misinformation, unsubstantiated opinions, and unsourced data make public access to original, well written, and peer-reviewed climate change research of utmost importance“. Our library has a wide and growing list of categories that provides information about these topics. Much of it comes from internationally recognized authorities. Have a look.

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A Call for immediate action on climate change and clean air

Exit Coal Now !

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Recent studies have shown that coal-fired power plants cause the premature death of tens of thousands of people each year in Europe, and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Furthermore, they are the biggest single group of CO2 sources that can be PHASED OUT within a dozen years or so (12 years in Europe and North America, 24 years worldwide), since alternative sources of clean, affordable, low-carbon electric power are widely available (depending on local conditions : renewable and/or nuclear power).

We, ExitCoalNow (ECN), a worldwide coalition of NGOs and citizens, hereby urge world leaders to require each country to move towards an exit from coal as an electric power source, by 2040 or earlier, and 2030 or earlier in Europe and North America. Furthermore, for the sake of public health and climate change urgency, the most advanced countries will strive to beat those deadlines and reach that goal by 2025.

How this website can help you

A Wake up call for Climate Change

It seems many people know that Global Warming is happening and that it is a consequence of human activities.

Still most people go on with “business as usual”.

For many reasons. One of them is the idea that someone else will solve the problems.

Another is the feeling of personal powerlessness, which in turn leads to apathy.

Finally many people obtain a mental distance to the problem by imagining that the problems are far away in time and space.

The reality is, that Climate Change has some very real consequences here and now, and we have only a very short time available for action aiming at preventing the worst thinkable consequences: That the planet becomes uninhabitable for human beings.

We need a mobilization!

Inspiration for Climate Action

Most of the problems the world is facing are psychological in nature. It has to do with different levels of denial.

The basic form of denial is intellectual. Denying that Climate Change is real and is man made.

The next level of denial is emotional. Accepting that Climate Change is real and manmade, but not being emotionally affected by it. Living life as if it is something remote that will not affect your life seriously.

The third level of denial is political. Accepting Climate Change intellectually, being strongly affected by it emotionally, but not acting accordingly. Not using the knowledge and emotions to inspire political action.

These three kinds of denial are very essential in preventing humanity from stopping Global Warming.

A major purpose of this website is to help YOU to become intellectually, emotionally and politically and practically involved in the battle to save Civilization.

We need you!

A Gateway to Climate Change

All over internet there are many important resources, useful to get inspiration for Climate Action.

– Sites for learning
– Sites for action groups
– Sites for transition
– Technology sites
– Scientific sites
– Blogs and debate fora
– Articles
– Book and movie reviews
– Collections of movies
– Mobilization sites
– etc etc.

Our blog and news section will introduce you to, and keep you updated on, what´s happening on the most important of these sites.

We will supply you with important reviews and news about anything relevant to climate action!

We all need each other in this battle, so please join us!

Alliances & Partners

The Climate Mobilization

The world needs a fast global mobilization to win the climate battle.

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Saving Our Planet


Our mission is to inspire, energize and enable the entire community of humans to work together to save the planet, and to convince world leaders to make the fight against climate change their number one priority.

Our non-profit Partners include Sauvons Le Climat, Graine De Vie and the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and IAHV (UK).
Saving Our Planet is a non-profit organisation, based in France, England and Norway.

What we do

  • We campaign for Action on Climate Change
  • We provide Information
  • Training
  • Climate Videos
  • Climate Cinema
  • We ask you to reduce your Carbon Emissions: Stop What You Can
  • We ask you to Join Us – as by working together we can have a much bigger influence

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