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Educating heads, hearts and gut feelings as a means to come out of denial.

Most climate change education projects are focusing on intellectual learning alone. Feeding the mind with facts, based on sound and updated science.

This does not seem to be enough to make students work their way out of denial.

As described on the psychology page, there are 3 types of denial:


• You reject that climate change is happening and that it´s man-made


• You accept climate change being real and man-made, but the acceptance stays in your head. It doesn´t affect you emotionally, does not fill your body, does not reach your stomach and your heart.


• You recognize climate change, you are strongly affected emotionally by it, but that does not lead you to become politically active.

It is our firm belief, that to make students come out of denial and become active in the climate battle, a climate school should work both on an intellectual and an emotional level.


The basic version of The Climate School, for everyone,

A 16-20 hour seminar. (Saturday+sunday / friday evening, saturday + sunday). Weekdays also possible on demand. The advantage to this is that teacher and students do not need to live in the same area. This is a very well functioning format, and the core of matter when we offer The Climate School on a worldwide basis.

Another format is:

An 8 week structure, one night a week, every night a lecture of 3 hours. This is suitable when teacher and students are living in the same area. It has been tested out in Norway with good results and is currently being tested out in Turkey.

Content will – among others – be these themes:

• The Challenges
• The Solutions
• The urgency
• The dilemmas
• Active social climate change movements
• How to reduce one´s personal carbon footpring
• How to prepare for transition locally
• How to relate to Climate Change politically
• Why a WWII-like mobilization is important and how to participate in it
• How to take care of yourself as an activist
• Other relevant themes based on the needs of the students

The structure is a mix of:

• Lectures
• Powerpoints
• Documentary movies
• Sharing of thoughts and emotional reactions
• Discussions
There will be equal emphasis on presentation of relevant facts and the personal / emotional processes of the students. This is being handled through well functioning sharing rounds in groups. The teacher is among others a trained group therapist and group leader with many years of practice behind him.

”Teach the teachers”

The professional version of The Climate School is for coming Climate Change Teachers.

An important thought behind this is, that we need to speed up the global learning process. The Climate Change wakeup call has to be heard – loud and clear – and fast. Therefore we also offer a version aiming at converting many people into being climate teachers.

The vision is, through a ”Teach the Teachers” setup, to reach out to as many people as possible within a short time span. For instance: 1 person educating 20 persons, who in turn educate 20 persons each, who in turn…… etc. Etc.

This version will – in addition to the content of the basic version – contain the learning of good and safe principles for how to take care of group members in times of emotional hardship. Also, it will contain coaching of the participants as needed.

The professional version will include an additional 16-24 hours with focus on the teaching and coaching process. A follow up coaching offer from our side is also an option.

The idea behind this is – as described – to start a positive educational chainreaction.

The important part is that it is very good at creating motivation for action.

One assumption behind it is that to make students motivated for climate action, the course must meet the standard described below:

These are the most important ”takeaways” for students having been through ”The Climate School”:

• Students will know the extend and the urgency of the threat

• Students will know that their own contribution is important

• Students will know about the urgency of political action

• Students will know that they are not alone in this battle

• Students will know about interrelated threats

• Students will know about tipping points

• Students will know about climate myths and which effects these are having on themselves

• Students will be aware about the ways they themselves are in denial

• Students will know, feel and act because they have found out, that if they are not affected on all of these levels, they are still in denial, and the survival of our civilization depends on mankind getting out of denial.

• Students will know much more than IPCC, our politicians and our media are telling us. Beause the threats are much more severe than they tell us.

• Students will know why exponential growth is catastrophic, and that we are living in the last minute of the existense of the civilization, if we do not act adeqately and fast.

• Students will know, that a mobilization on the scale of the American WWII mobilization – or MORE – is needed. And that we can´t sit this one out!!

• Students will know that holistic solutions to these challenges exist, and the content of them

• Students will know that the world can afford it – for instance that it only costs a small fraction of the worlds military budgets

• Students will know that strong powers are trying to paint the overall political picture full of doubt – and that there is a strong economic incentive embedded in this

• Students will know that the greatest danger for the future of humanity lies in the reluctance to get out of your comfortable chair and act

• Students will know that there is a revolutionary movement on the rise all over the world for this, and that you will be part of the most important movement in the history of mankind.

• Students will know that the more they do, the better they will be able to face their grandchildren, when they ask: ”What did YOU do to contribute?”

• Students will know that – according to Margaret Mead – all important change in history was initiated by one person or a small group of dedicated individuals

• Students will know the truth of the quote from Dalai Lama: ”If you do not think a single individual can make a difference: Try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”

• Students will know the energizing effect of being part of something much bigger than themselves.

• Students will know that there are always people around them who share their thoughts and feelings, so that when the going gets tough, they have someone to turn to

• Students will know that doing the transition to a low-consuming society with emphasis on local production of what we need is possible, and that it is already happening in parts of the world.

• Students will know that being part of this will improve their experienced meaningfulness and quality of life tremendously.

• Students will know – not as a phrase but as an existential fact – that ”Saving Civilization is not a Spectator Sport”.(Lester R. Brown)

If you have become inspired to start a climate education program for a group of people or an organization, contact us for discussions about how we can work together

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All over the planet people are learning about climate change

Getting inspired by the immensity of the actions

People must be educated
to demand from politicians that they make the right decisions

That is what makes
“The Climate School”

This movie with David Roberts is usually part of the first lecture

And a powerful eyeopener

“We are stuck between the impossible and the unthinkable – so for the rest of your life, your job is to make the impossible possible”David Roberts

SO the hope is: “The Climate School” will be a useful mobilization tool